Merlin (2020)

92Immersive Events
Immersive shows are currently quite the thing and there's plenty to choose from.
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91The Marlowe Sessions
In The Marlowe Sessions, a catalogue of A-List guest stars will lead "script in hand", deconstructed performances of Christopher Marlowe's attributed works with a minimalist set and wardrobe, supported by authentic live musical accompaniment and offering theatre goers a rare glimpse behind the theatrical curtain in the company of the stage's biggest contemporary names. With limited tickets available for the short run of shows, each performance is to be captured using the latest Immersive Audio technologies, with a stellar ensemble cast and production team leading a recreation of the raucous, febrile atmosphere in which Marlowe's works were originally performed. With actors interacting within the audience, coming among them to whip up a response and make the crowd an integral part of the lively reimagining of one of English Drama's founding fathers, you'll experience Elizabethan Theatre like never before – stripping away centuries of academic dust to experience Marlowe's epic productions as they were when the original performances took Tudor society by storm.
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90Drury Lane Summer Concerts
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89Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Director's Festival
A season of new works and contemporary adaptions is presented by the eight graduating directors from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Now in its 16th year, and with a reputation for showcasing the emerging talent in the UK arts scene, BOVTS Directors' Festival is a well-established part of Bristol's fringe theatre landscape.
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88Burn it Down
Stratford East presents BURN IT DOWN, a series of six newly commissioned script-in-hand performances about urgent political issues. Each piece will be a stand-alone scrutiny, calling out injustice and interrogating the systems that wield power.
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87Essex on Stage Showcase
The Essex on Stage Showcase will platform bold, ambitious, homegrown performances that celebrate and champion Essex and Outer East London artists - supported by Queen's Theatre Hornchurch and Matthew Schmolle Productions.
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86Tower Theatre Company
Bouncers and Shakers playing alternate nights with Saturday double bills.
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85Spring Forward 2022
Two programmes of short plays.Virtual Reality (Passing the Spoon and Each Fallen Robin) and Nick Hern Shorts (PMQ, Prodigal, Baby Dolls and Ursa Major).
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OVO new writing February to April 2022.
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King's Head Theatre at 50
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Musical Theatre Festival.
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81Windsor on Air
Read in an authentic studio setting, these shows will be brought to life with live sound effects in the style of vintage radio drama, live on stage with little or no visual components, and depends on dialogue, music and sound effects to tell its story.
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80JST Double Bill
Ticket links listed under Footfalls.
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79New Venue
Harpenden Public Halls closed in 2021 being replaced by The Eric Morecamnbe Centre (EMC)
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78A Map to You
"A Map to You" is an immersive set of 4 plays that tell the vibrant life stories shared with playwrights by individuals living with dementia and their families.
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77The 27th International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival
G&S Festival held in Harrogate and Buxton
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76Waterperry Opera Festival
Annual open air opera and concert festival held in Waterperry House's gardens, Oxfordshire, OX33 1LQ.
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67Show closes in Long Acre 29 Sep and re-opens in Immersive LDN on 18th Oct.
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62The Vault Festival
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57West End transfer ...
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51The Norman Conquests - offers and deals under Living Together
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42Almeida Live at Cinemas
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41By the same team ...
The 'Goes Wrong' shows
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39Harry Potter
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38Transfer (Menier to Savoy)
33Edinburgh Tours
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32London Tours
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29Shrek Events and Exhibition
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2National Theatre venues
The major spaces at the National Theatre on the Southbank.
V373, V374, V375, V400